Our Working Process These are the series of processes we go through to achieve our objectives with good results


This is the phase where we collect all the informations required to design and develop your project, we gather all details including your budget, and expected result.


Based on the information gathered from phase one we generate a design(prototype) to visualize your idea and review your input if there is any modification.


If all is good in phase two, we move on to the development phase, we develop your website with all the informations reviewed in phase two.

Q&A and Testing

When the website is developed, various tests are carried out on it including the A/B testing, peer to peer testing and potential customer testing.


If there is a need for editing or revisiting then it is carry out in this phase.


When all is well and good and also approve by you then great! off to the internet.

Digital Signature

When your website is properly setup then it is time to create your online presence.


All our projects are designed based on your budget, requirements and users(potential customers) suggestions after proper review and feedbacks.

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