About Us A group of talented and disciplined people.

Who We Are

A Nigeria-based technology-oriented company aimed at bridging the technological gap in Nigeria by providing digital solutions to Nigerian businesses.
We offer solutions to Nigeria Start-up and existing businesses by creating a professional digital presence to foster quick growth, and providing business decisions based on various research and data analysis, amongst many other services.

Our Vision

To create and develop products that solve real-world problems with higher return on investment for Nigerian businesses and other Africa countries.
"A Results-Driven Digital Solutions"

Every man takes the limits of his own field of vision for the limits of the world - Arthur Schopenhauer.

Our Mission

To design and develop products that are unique and responsive making the business stand out and reaching the target audience with higher conversion rates using available, advanced and current technologies the digital world has to offer.

If you can dream it, you can do it - Walt Disney.




Completed Projects





Meet the Team An amazing group of talented people.


Ibidapo Adeolu

CEO - Founder


Abdul Ozigi

Chief Technology Officer


Chino Ejimuda

CT Products Designer


Jacobs Ikedi

Chief Research Officer

How we Work Take a step into our process.

Data (Detailed Information)

We gather information about your business, this include goals, objective, why it exist and so on.


Using the information provided we research the market options, including your competions, and we design and develop a strategy to challenge their status.


Using the knowledge gotten from our exploration of the market and competitions to provide a detailed plan that will pin point what-and-what your business need to have in place to stand out.


With the right plan in place we develop the best possible solution using our unrivalled expertise and knownledge to approach each step.


Then we perform series of tests to make everything works as it should and no unwanted surprises.

Our Goals

Our aim is to let customers know who you are and why your business exist to solve their problem, giving them the right information possible at the right time.

Why Choose Us? It's actually pretty simple.

Always Learning

At Webastry we never stop learning whether it's a new technology or tools to provide the best solutions for your digital problems.

Quick Growth

We understand growth takes time, our digital solutions process are carefully crafted and properly vetted/planned, producing the right traffic and conversion that generate return on investment.


Your relationship withus at webastry is very important, once partnered you become our family and our family is goal-oriented and success-driven.


We don't work and exit, we provide support all the way, solving any problem that might arise and updating any part that needs update.

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