Web Development

With a well crafted and structured design by Webastry team, your website will provide a great experience for your site visitors and potential customers or clients, taking advantage of the best and latest technologies and tools, in turn encouraging proper engagements and improve conversions while also driving the required sales and inquiries for your business.

It is good to know that your website is the first impression for many of your potential customers and clients, it is important that it's carefully planned and aesthetically pleasing. Planning for your website on the web is just as important as planning for anything else associated with the business. But, let take a step back, are you probably having second thought about obtaining a website for your business?
Well, let see if we can clear things up for you now. Below is a brief outline of 7 benefits of having a website for a business (Extract from Do you really need a website for your business by Ibidapo Adeolu)

  1. It gives credibility
  2. It gives access to new customers
  3. It provides social proof for your business
  4. It provides the opportunity to showcase your products
  5. It allows you to control every potential customer narrative with your contents
  6. It allows you to track data on how your business is doing through analytical data.
  7. It can also just be a resource center for your staff, to learn more about your business.

Ready to get a website now? Great!. As we have mentioned before, the website must be carefully planned to provide the best experience for visitors as it is the first impression of your business. The section below outlines different types of websites or web projects, while some are related they require different approaches.

Static Website

The static website displays the same content that is written within the code each time someone visits it, e.g. Company Profile.

Dynamic Website

In a dynamic website, the page contents change according to the website visitor request and need, e.g Blog.

Blogging Platform

This is a dynamic website type, and it is an online journal or informational website displaying information in chronological order, with latest appearing first. "firstsiteguide"

E-Commerce Website

This is also a dynamic website type, the 'e' representing electronic, is an online portal that facilitates online transactions of goods and services.